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From re-branding to automatization: QazAvtoJol on its plans , 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss 14 projects of more than 4.4 thousand km are envisaged under the Nurly Jol national infrastructure development program, involving over 18 thousand workers and 12 thousand units of machinery, the QazAvtoJol Chairman says at a briefing on the 2019 half-year plans and activities of the national company.
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Kazakhstan and Argentina to address issues in agriculture , 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Today, it is the primary priority to develop agricultural science and ensure food safety in Kazakhstan. Therefore, in an effort to strengthen agriculture, Kazakhstan develops relations with Argentina, which is among the countries with developed agriculture and the global producer of food and agro-industrial goods.
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Kazakh President signed order to found National Public Trust Board , 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Head of state Kassym Jomart-Tokayev signed an executive order approving regulations and membership of the President’s National Public Trust Board, the Akorda press service informed.
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EAEU countries seek to foster mutual trade , 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Kazakhstan-EAEU relations progressed in a systemic way in 2018, resulting in the trade turnover of $19.1B, up by 10.1 per cent compared to $17.4B in 2017, the recent report suggests.
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Trade, investment, agriculture: Kazakhstan and China seek collaboration, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss The Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan played host to the conference on investment and trade promotion between Kazakhstan and China’s coastal province of Shandong. Founded by China’s Council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT) of Shandong Province, the conference focuses on cooperation enhancement.
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Nur-Sultan hosts Routes Silk Road 2019, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev’s objective to attract leading international events in the sphere of aviation and develop the capital as an international financial aviation and tourist hub has contributed to the holding of the International Forum Routes Silk Road 2019 taking place on 15-17 July in the Kazakh capital city of Nur-Sultan for the first time.
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Who is avail of estate tax amnesty in Kazakhstan?, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss In the wake of the law to cancel tax penalties signed by the Kazakh President last week, the Kazakh Government was tasked on a tax amnesty for individuals provided the principal is paid. Read more for the mechanism of the amnesty and who will be under it in the article below.
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Khorgos extends beyond shipment hub, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Connecting Kazakhstan and China, the trans-border city of Khorgos could serve not only as a hub for managing shipments but also as a tourist destination as Khorgos’s presentation has been held in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan, with both countries having stakes in joint events to ensure the tourism cooperation development.
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How and where to get work permits for foreigners in Kazakhstan, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Kazakhstan has improved its position in attractiveness for foreign migrants, rising from the 129th to the 77th place in the last five years. One of the factors of Kazakhstan s attractiveness is the opportunity to find a job. Kazakhstan has 17 Migration Service Centers, regulating foreigners’ working process within our country. Read more about the activities of the Centers in the review by the Strategy2050.kz Information Agency.
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Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan: over 120 projects to be implemented, 20 Июля 2019 21:49
rss Kazakhstan has been undertaking the second five-year period of industrialization since 2015. Last year 102 projects worth 1.3 trillion tenge were launched as part of the Industrialization Map, thus over 13 thousand permanent jobs were created. What is the progress of today’s industrialization? Read more in the review by the Strategy2050.kz.
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