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Kazakhstan is frontrunner in peacekeeping initiatives, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss Kazakhstan has already established itself as an active participant of major international peacekeeping processes. The country has largely contributed to the global security so far. A number of initiates to maintain peace throughout the world were put forward by first Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in different times. After renouncing the 4th largest nuclear arsenal, Kazakhstan set its course towards peace development and seeks the ways to resolve conflicts around the globe. Take a closer peek at the peacekeeping initiatives of Kazakhstan in the article below.
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Kazakh President declares moratorium on establishing new state companies in economy, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss Kazakh President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, held a session of the National Investor Council (NIC), the press service of Akorda informed.
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Eurasian Media Forum: New approaches to globalization, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss Almaty has held the opening of the 16th Eurasian Media Forum with its extensive programme slated for three days and covering multiple pressing topics and remarkable speakers.
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There will be no duality of power in the country - Nazarbayev, 25 Мая 8720 15:59
rss First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Republican election campaign headquarters of Nur Otan Party’s candidate, the press service of the First President of Kazakhstan – Yelbasy informed.
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Future of automotive industry: share of global sales of cars using alternative technologies could reach 89%, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss Today, the automotive industry is one of the key sectors in the global economy. Worldwide, it is possible to separate out three of the most important trends in which the automotive industry develops: improving vehicle safety, reducing emissions to the environment, developing and implementing smart technologies. For information on what decisions will be taken by the EAEU member states for the development of these three trends, read the article by the Strategy2050.kz Information Agency.
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Primary care should be as close to people as possible - President of Kazakhstan, 25 Мая 3160 15:58
rss The President of Kazakhstan spoke at a forum of medical workers in Aktobe, the press service of Akorda informed.
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This year will be a new stage of development of volunteering in Kazakhstan – Tokayev, 25 Мая 3340 15:58
rss Being on a working visit to Kostanay region, the Kazakh Head of State attended the Kazakhstan-Russia Young Cooperation Forum “Volunteering is social lift of young”, as well as toured some facilities, the press service of Akorda has informed.
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How much money do SEZs bring to the state budget?, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss Total 12 SEZs (Special Economic Zones) and 23 industrial zones operate in Kazakhstan. All of them are provided with different preferences, with their participants enjoying a full package of tax and customs preferences. Read the article below to reveal more on SEZs and IZs in the country.
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AEF-2019: results of the Forum, 25 Мая 2019 15:10
rss The XII Astana Economic Forum, the largest annual business event in Eurasia, took place in Nur-Sultan on 16-17 May. Politicians, investors, economists and world-renowned scientists discussed the global challenges of our time, focusing on the theme of this year’s Forum: “Inspiring growth: people, cities, economies”. Read more about the results of the AEF’s holding in the review piece of the Strategy2050.kz Information Agency.
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Heads of government agencies have to resign for corruption crimes of their subordinates, 25 Мая 8160 15:58
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