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Kazakhstan and Argentina to address issues in agriculture

The National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina (INTA) is a governmental and centralized organization subordinate to the Ministry Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries of Argentina. It has made tremendous strides in developing, adjusting and extending technologies of agricultural science.

“Thanks to developments in precise agriculture and no-till farming, the rolling-out of new technology, Argentina has managed to double output of grains over the past decade. With a population of about 40 million people, Argentina outputs agricultural products for 400 million people, that is, one Argentinian provides 10 people worldwide with food,” says Saparkhan Omarov, the Kazakh Minister of Agriculture.

Recognition must also be given to the National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality of Argentina ensuring safety and security for the population and agricultural products.

Argentina’s leading position in the world also must to attributed to the achievements in agricultural science, allowing for a shift from direct subsidies in the agro-industry complex to “green-box” state support measures, scientific support for agrarian business, formers’ training and consultations.

Kazakhstan is willing to collaborate with Argentina to develop and implement new agricultural technology, the Kazakh Agriculture Minister outlined.  

“The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture focuses on establishing and coordinating the realization of strategic objectives in agriculture, including agricultural science and training,” he told.

The objective to facilitate innovative development of agriculture of Kazakhstan through enhanced practical effect of agricultural science and highly-qualified staff falls to the non-profit joint-stock company National Agrarian Research and Educational Center.

Speaking of agrarian science funding in Kazakhstan, the Minister told there has been the increase by 3.3 billion tenge or 78.5% in the wake of the trust fund program run by the Ministry. However, agricultural science system is not efficient, therefore integrated work to accelerate the roll-out of achievements in agricultural science and production, the transfer of foreign technologies’ adjustment in agriculture is under way.

The experiences of foreign countries, including Argentina, were reviewed with a main focus on dealing with applications, continuously upskilling farmers and training staff. Starting with 2008, extension services allowing for the on-the-spot maintenance and transfer of data, technology and knowledge necessary for farmers have been in place.  

“As of today, 22 extension services run within Kazakhstan, which will further expand to 163 to ensure each region has an extension service,” the Minister told.

Argentine Ambassador to Kazakhstan Ricardo Ernesto Lagorio stressed the multilateralism of the Argentine foreign policy and that pragmatic solutions for the sake of improved standards of life among the people of both nations, including consumers, should be made.

“Argentina may offer the agricultural model providing and embodying healthy food products, ensuring safety for consumers and including the products that are globally of high quality,” he said.

According to him, attention must be placed on food safety.

Speaking of protection of agriculture, President Juan Balbin of the National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina told no country could face all the issues, therefore it is necessary to carry out regular consultations.  

He outlined the importance to reduce bureaucracy.

“We have reached the full commercialization run digitally, thereby certificates received by end consumers appear. We also use the blockchain technology ensuring all the norms are followed,” he told.

The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina signed a cooperation memorandum following the meeting of Kazakh Agriculture Minister Saparkhan Omarov and President Juan Balbin of the National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina. The meeting took place in the wake of Kazakh President Tokayev’s task to develop agriculture and agricultural science and train staff.  

Author: Adlet Seilkhanov

Photo credit: Kazakh Agriculture Ministry 

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