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Kazakh President signed order to found National Public Trust Board

“Under article 44, subparagraph 20, of the Kazakh Constitution, Kassym Jomart-Tokayev decided to approve the regulations and membership of the President’s National Public Trust Board. Supervision over its enforcement is carried out by the Office of the President. The order takes effect on the day of signature,” the statement reads.

Provisions on the President’s National Public Trust Board are as follow:

1. General provisions

1. The President’s National Public Trust Board (hereinafter – the Board) is an advisory and consultative body to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. The Board focuses on formulating proposals and recommendations on compelling public policy issues following cross-cutting discussions with members of the public, the civil society and political parties. 

3. The Board follows the Constitution, Kazakh laws, presidential decisions, other laws and regulations as well as this provision.

2. Main objectives

4. The Board’s main objectives are:

To conduct public reviews of draft concepts, government programmes and regulatory acts;

To handle significant and strategic issues given the views of the public and the civil society;

To ensure a constructive dialogue between members of the public, the non-governmental sector, political parties, and government bodies;

To carry out activities within its competence, ensuring conformity with national legislation.

3. Membership

5. The Board’s membership includes the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Secretary and members.

6. The President of Kazakhstan acts as the Chairman.

7. The Chairman shall:

Supervise the Board’s activities;

Set the venue and dates for sessions;

Assign tasks to the Deputy Chairman, the Secretary and members.

8. The membership is made up of prominent statesmen and public figures, representatives of the non-governmental sector and political parties.

The Head of the Kazakh President’s Office, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan, the Commissioner for Children in Kazakhstan, the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Kazakhstan are ex officio members of the Board.

Representatives of public boards at the republic and local level as well as other persons can be included on the Chairman’s decision.

9. Working groups on certain areas of public development may be created on the Board’s ruling. Their participants are recruited from the Board.

10. The Board’s members may:

Propose the Board’s workplan, agendas and sequencing of issues for future sessions;

Provide input to the preparation of materials and draft decisions for sessions;

Debate and raise awareness in society on in-session issues.

The Board’s members have no right to delegate their powers to others.

Its members hold the President’s National Public Trust Board’s membership cards signed by the head of state.

11. The Board’s Secretary shall

Make sure the Board’s draft workplan is elaborated;

Develop draft agendas for the Board’s sessions;

Prepare materials as well as draft protocol decisions for sessions;

Inform the Board’s members about the agenda, venue and dates for holding sessions, provide necessary materials in a timely manner.

Engage experts, scholars and specialists in certain types of work in due course

Organise advisory missions to the regions;

Fulfil the Chairman’s other assignments.

4. The Board’s work

12. Sessions take place in an ad hoc basis, at least three times a year, and include general plenary and thematic.

The session is valid as long as not less than half of all the members of the Board are in attendance.

13. The Board’s decisions are adopted in voting by a simple majority of the members present at the session.

Where the votes are equal, the Chairman shall provide the casting vote.

The Chairman has discretion to change the decision-making procedure on certain issues.

14. The Board’s decisions are incorporated in the protocol signed by the Chairman.

15. Any government body and public association, having received the Board’s recommendations, must examine them and inform the Board about the decisions made in the manner prescribed by the Kazakh law.

16. Topical public policy issues discussed by the Board and passed during its sessions are disclosed to the public through the media and posted on the internet.

17. Non-member officials, public organization, media representatives may be invited to the Board’s sessions on the Chairman’s ruling.

5. Ensuring the Board’s work

18. The Office of the President of Kazakhstan acts as the Board’s working body.

19. The working body shall

Provide data support to the Board’s work;

Ask government bodies and organizations for information, documents and material necessary to fulfil tasks;

Coordinate working groups;

Oversee the implementation of the Board’s decisions;

Perform other necessary duties needed to make the Board operational.


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