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What new public services will be available on eGov.kz in 2019?

The eGov.kz website is the main tool for the provision of electronic public services. Currently, more than 8.5 million users are registered on eGov.kz. In 2018, 30 million public services were provided and 64 new were transferred to the electronic format. 588 public services that need optimization were identified. It was mandatory to consider the possibility of their transfer to the electronic format, shortening the issuance period, the list of documents, the possibility of rendering in a composite or proactive form, eliminating redundant procedures and approvals.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication, following the results of the work, 141 public services are planned to be transferred to the electronic format, and measures to reduce the time and documents required from citizens are taken for 447 public services. These services relate to the most diverse spheres of our life.

“The analysis of the eGov web portal showed that services of the healthcare sector are in high demand among the population. Therefore, last year a service for attaching to a medical organization, choosing a doctor was implemented in the electronic format. For 4 months this service was used 70 thousand times”, D. Abayev informed, speaking at a meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan.

In addition, since last month, medical certificates of drug dependence clinics, mental and tuberculosis dispensaries are available on the web portal. Now you can get them without leaving home.

The so-called “sick-lists” will be also issued electronically.

“In addition to convenience, this will contribute to the formation of an electronic database on the nation’s health. It is planned that with the help of Big Data technology, these data will allow for more effective implementation of health and pharmacology policy”, Dauren Abayev said.

Some public services in the transport sphere was also transferred to the electronic format or optimized. So, the electronic applications for obtaining a driver's license and for registration of a vehicle were implemented. Since the launch, these services have been used more than 23 thousand times.

Previously, the registration of a vehicle took 6 hours, now it is taking 2 hours.

Due to the transition to the electronic format, the registration for the sale of a vehicle takes only 20 minutes. Now there is no need to submit documents “on paper”.

Most of all, e-public services are provided in the social sphere.

So, the possibility of delivering finished documents and a license plate to a house was realized through Kazpost. In addition, Kazakh citizens have the opportunity to choose any of the state numbers already manufactured.

Secondly, according to the Minister, the possibility of checking the presence of administrative fines on one resource was realized.

“Thirdly, it is planned to continue work on the provision of public services in a proactive mode. We are talking about services for the establishment of disability, the appointment of benefits and social payments, the provision of prosthetic and orthopedic care, and so on. This will make it possible to comprehensively provide the listed social services without the need to visit Public Service Centers or service providers by people with disabilities”, D. Abayev stressed.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev, on the recommendation of the Interdepartmental commission under the Government, two public services “Child transfer to foster care” and “Appointment of cash payments to foster carers” were merged.

“Previously, these two services were provided separately. It was required to re-submit the same documents. Now, duplication is excluded, and the term for providing these services was reduced from 35 to 10 days”, he said.

Optimization of the marriage registration service will reduce the period of the marriage registration from 1 month to 3 working days. At the same time, it will be possible to select the date of the marriage registration up to 2 months from the date of the application.

“As a result of the measures taken, 80% of public services will be automated in 2019, and 90% - in 2020. The number of documents submitted in a paper form will reduce by 110 million documents per year. Summarizing the above, today we are doing everything to make the provision of public services clear, accessible and useful. These are the main criteria for the effective service to society and the achievement of new forms of integration between the Government, business and citizens”, Minister D. Abayev said.

By the way, 64 percent of Kazakhstanis use smartphones to access the Internet.

“Therefore, one of the key areas of our activities is the development of m-GOV, a mobile e-government application. Presently, only 87 services are available via m-GOV. For that reason, the Ministry is working to synchronize mobile and web versions”, the Minister concluded.

At the same time, 1.3 million citizens use the application. In 2018 alone, 3.6 million services were provided via m-GOV.

For reference: Kazakhstan ranked the 39th in the UN E-Government Development Index in 2018. Meanwhile, by the level of maturity, our e-government system stands at eGov2.0 stage. Under the Digital Kazakhstan program, Kazakhstan is now taking measures to move to eGov3.0 level which has already been reached by South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden. What does characterize eGov3.0 system? First of all, the implementation of such components as artificial intelligence, pro-active services, the internet of things etc. Kazakhstan will fully transit to eGov3.0 by 2021.

Saltanat Sarina

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