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Nenad Erić: Regardless of conditions we must play to win, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss Nenad Erić has been keeping goal for the tenth season in a row. All successes of “Astana” FC over the past years have been inextricably linked to the reliable performance of its fearless goalkeeper. In an interview Nenad Erić told how he rubs through the long pause in the Kazakhstan Premier League tournament caused by the coronavirus pandemic, what he thinks about Astana s prospects in this season and how he sees his future.
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Independent tariff regulator in power industry may be created in Kazakhstan, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss The possible creation of an independent tariff regulator in Kazakhstan’s power industry became known during an online Green Webinar titled “Evolution of Incentive Based Tariff Regulation - Agenda for Sustainable Development” organized by the International Green Technologies & Investments Center (Kazakhstan) and SEEPX Energy (Britain). Co-founder and Director of SEEPX Energy, international expert in power industry: Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia – Ekaterina de Vere Walker was a key speaker and she shared her opinion on this issue that is so important for Kazakhstan.
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Abai Kunanbayev – legacy of world literature, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss Almost every modern state can be recognizable thanks to its historical, world-famous personalities. They may be politicians, statesmen and public figures, military leaders, sportsmen, poets and writers, art and culture workers. The Kazakh nation has many prominent figures as well. Among them Abai Kunanbayev holds the reins. The name of Abai is known worldwide just as Shakespeare, Goethe, and Pushkin are well-known in many countries. His books were translated into many foreign languages. So, we can say definitely that Abai Kunanbayev made a contribution to not only Kazakh culture and folklore but world literature as well.
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Experts say coronavirus pandemic is perfect time for families to work out together, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss With everyone staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic, experts believe this is the perfect time for families to get in shape together, Strategy2050.kz has learnt from clickondetroit.com.
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Kazakhstan and Russia signed intergovernmental agreement to produce mineral fertilizers, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss Kazakhstan and Russia signed an intergovernmental agreement to implement a project of “Mineral and chemical company “EuroChem” JSC which stipulates construction and operation of a plant for production of mineral fertilizers in Zhambyl region, Strategy2050.kz informs.
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Kazakhstan changes conditions for A-5 visa-issuance, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss Now investors can apply online and receive the Investor Visa Referral Letter of the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan in 5 working days via the elicense.kz Internet-portal, Strategy2050.kz reports.
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Why Latin American countries top the coronavirus ranking?, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss In recent months, COVID-19 has created a sensation in Latin America. As of today, the number of reported cases exceeds 3 million. The region, where no one expected the large coronavirus outbreak in the beginning, has become one of the world leaders in the number of reported cases: Brazil is in second place, Peru - in fifth, Mexico - in seventh, Chile - in eighth (according to Johns Hopkins University s data). Given that only 8 percent of the world s population lives in this part of the planet, they account for more than a quarter of all those infected and over 25 percent of the deaths. Moreover, COVID-19 attacked not only “mere mortals”, but “big league” as well: the Heads of Brazil, Bolivia, Honduras, the Vice President of Venezuela, dozens of ministers and other high-ranking officials have been infected. How did it happen? Let’s take.
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Kluge commends Kazakhstan for testing probable COVID-19 patients in WHO referral labs, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of the European Regional Bureau of the World Health Organization has tweeted he commends the Government of Kazakhstan, the Healthcare Ministry for testing probable COVID19 patients with pneumonia in WHO referral laboratories, Strategy2050.kz reports.
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Second wave of COVID-19 in the world: countries again tighten quarantine regime, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University, over 13,670,000 people have been infected worldwide and more than 586,000 deaths have been reported as of July 17. Despite the improvement of the epidemiological situation in a number of countries, many States that have weakened their self-isolation regime have faced a new outbreak of the pandemic. Which countries have introduced a quarantine regime again? Read more in the review below.
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Kazakhstan’s car sale industry grows by 12.2% despite COVID-19, 15 Августа 2020 11:27
rss The pandemic threatened to put many enterprises out of business, but the Kazakh car industry had a 12.2 percent increase in new car sales in the first half of the year, Strategy2050.kz reports with the reference to The Astana Times.
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